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Eco/Green Funeral Tributes

Eco and biodegradable funeral products are being requested more and more at Fleur by Lizz and we are really proud to have been able to fulfil the wishes of many families these past years with suitable floral tributes.

Whether it's personal preference or requirements of the burial site there are plenty of eco items to choose from and no need to compromise on the end result.

Having joined the Farewell Flowers directory this year we thought it really important that we let our customers know a bit more about the options they have when it comes to choosing eco funeral products. The Farewell Flowers directory is a community of florists around the UK who can supply and fulfil the requirements of their customers who have chosen to use eco and biodegradable floral tributes for their loved ones.

Recent media attention around floristry sundries such as plastic and Oasis foam have flagged some rather disturbing statistics. It's estimated that every year, over 14,670 cubic metres of floral foam and single use plastic are sent to landfill from crematoriums across the UK. That's the equivalent of 6 Olympic swimming pools. A colossal amount of these materials are going to landfill so it is crucial that some changes are made by florists.

In store we have already sought out alternative materials we use such as biodegradable cellophane, twine, Kraft paper wrap and wool blend bricks in place of Oasis foam. We recently introduced chicken wire arrangements to our collection - a traditional method of flower arranging that goes back centuries. We also use UK grown flowers wherever possible depending on availability of the season.

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your eco floral tribute requirements.